All Rights Reserved

SinceAll Rights Reserved album cover 1987 I have produced dozens of albums and performed over one thousand concerts internationally as The Evolution Control Committee.

My most recent album is All Rights Reserved (2011). Like most of my music it is collaged from hundreds of uncleared samples. It also includes bonus features including a commentary track (like on a DVD movie) and remixable songs. It also features a Listener License Agreement, a lengthy legal contract like you would see and agree to while installing software. Although lengthy, the agreement’s first requirement is the most crucial: the listener must agree not to listen to the album.


Like with software, most people will simply agree and ignore the legal contract. However for someone wishing to sue me for copyright violation, we can then countersue for their breach of our license agreement. We rarely consider the legal contracts we routinely agree to and their potential (but rare) consequences, and this disconnect is now part of our everyday modern lives. Leveraging that disconnect may one day provide me a legal advantage to defend my quasi-legal musical practice.

Even with the Listener License Agreement, All Rights Reserved was too hot for some to handle. Both the pressing plant as well as the distributor refused to handle the album.

Album download:

Selected Tracks:

      Stairway To Britney - The Evolution Control Committee
      Pwn Monkey (featuring Jonathon Coulton) - The Evolution Control Committee
      The Shakes - The Evolution Control Committee


Fan video for “Stairway To Britney”:

Full Tracklist: (CD version)
1. Listener License Agreement (1:46)
2. What Would You Think If I Sang AutoTune (2:02)
3. Pertaining to the Beat (4:44)
4. The Shakes (2:39)
5. Don’t Let The Devil Blow Your Mind (4:32)
6. Stairway to Britney (2:44) — fan video
7. Machine Love (2:54)
8. Pwn Monkey (2:42)
9. Listener License Agreement Reminder (1:14)
10. IGA Giant Pineapple Party (2:09)
11. Freaky People (3:08)
12. California Dreamings (1:40)
13. Like You Use Me (4:23)
14. Feel Like Breakin’ Love (4:42)
15. Hillbilly Beatboxing (4:27)
16. Fock It (1:57)
17. Is That All There Could Be? (0:33)
18. Media Trust (1:19)


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