The Sound of Plaid

The Sound Of Plaid was a weekly radio program syndicated internationally on four internet and broadcast stations. Co-hosted by my wife Christy, about 240 two-hour shows were created featuring an incredibly wide variety of music genres, musical histories, and special guests.  Memorable show themes include Songs About Johnny, Outsider Music, The Retro-Future of Music, Top 20 Countdown of the Most Sampled Songs, Art’s Birthday, The Art Of Noises 100th Birthday, Expired Cultural Icons, and Listener Request shows where listeners could make vague requests only — no specific songs.

Best of:

      The Best Of 2014, Part One
      The Best Of 2014, Part Two
      The Best Of 2012

Selected shows and themes:

      The Sound of Plaid - 2014.05.26 - Meaningless Music
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.10.07 - TLA -- Three Letter Acronym bands
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.07.29 - Listener Requests VIII
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.06.17 - Listener Requests VII
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.04.01 - Expired Cultural Icons
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.03.11 - Art Of Noises 100th Birthday
      The Sound of Plaid - 2012.12.03 - Listener Requets V2
      The Sound of Plaid - 2012.01.19 - THEME: Outsider Music
      The Sound of Plaid - 2011.12.08 - During Which We Bend Time
      The Sound of Plaid - 2011.11.24 - Songs About Johnny

Selected interview shows:

      The Sound of Plaid - 2011.06.02 - Special Guest: Wayne Butane
      The Sound of Plaid - 2011.05.12 - Special Guests: Kumquat & PimpDaddySupreme
      The Sound of Plaid - 2011.04.14 - Special Guest: Wobbly
      The Sound of Plaid - 2010.05.11 - Special Guest: director Matt Bate
      The Sound of Plaid - 2010.04.13 - Special Guest: Sam Green
      The Sound Of Plaid - 2010.01.26 - Special Guest: Moldover
      The Sound of Plaid - 2014.08.03 - Special Guest Jason Forrest
      The Sound of Plaid - 2014.06.23 - Special Guests The Fallen
      The Sound of Plaid - 2014.06.16 - Special Guest Truus De Groot
      The Sound of Plaid - 2014.05.19 - Special Guest Mary Jo Bole
      The Sound of Plaid - 2014.02.24 - Special Guests Irwin Chusid and Otis Fodder
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.07.01 - Special Guest: Jeff Chenault
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.05.20 - Special Guest: Ed Luna (ele_mental)
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.02.11 - Special Guest: James Davis (Local Autonomy)
      The Sound of Plaid - 2013.02.04 - Special Guest AUTHOR & PUNISHER (Tristan Shone)

Big thanks to DFM RTV International in Amsterdam for hosting our cast for so many years.  Even now (Sept 2016) I still choose a new rerun each week for them to broadcast.  Here’s this week’s:

      The Sound Of Plaid current rerun

Want more?  Here’s all 240 shows.


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