Rocked By Rape

Rocked By Rape 7 inch coverRocked By Rape was a 1999 follow-up to the success of the earlier Whipped Cream Mixes 7″ single and later appeared on the album Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0. It was my first major piece using digital audio editing. Rocked By Rape took the original mashup formula laid out with the Whipped Cream Mixes (Vocal Track A + Instrumental Track B) but expanded it drastically, sampling violent words and phrases spoken by newscaster Dan Rather and then making 350 edits to put the words in place over an instrumental track of cut-up AC/DC riffs.

It also emerged as lawsuit bait, garnering a cease & desist order from lawyers for CBS (Dan Rather’s network). Unable to spend the tens of thousands of dollars required for a legal defense, I waged a mostly successful war in the press. The incident gave me a reputation as something of a copyright rebel plus many lecturing gigs.


      Rocked By Rape - The Evolution Control Committee



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