The Dazzle Hearse

For 11 years, I drove a hearse. It was a great vehicle for transporting equipment and large projects. It was also a great low-rent RV to sleep in on long road trips or tours. For years I had wanted to paint it so that it no longer looked like an “in-service” vehicle; to transform it into an art piece that would give people feelings of joy (rather than dread, or concern) when they saw it pass by on the road. I finally realized that goal in 2004 when I painted the hearse in the “Dazzle Ship” style of military camouflage used by the US Navy during the WWI era. I was always inspired by the intent of this type of camouflage that works by disrupting an outline by merging it with its surroundings, making a target harder to hit, and confusing the observer as to its direction and intention. The Dazzle Hearse was in many art installations and events, and left a wake of smiles from all who saw it.


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