The Wheel Of Mashup

Among my 1,000+ concerts performed internationally as The Evolution Control Committee, a hundred or two of the most recent have been mashup dance parties called The Wheel Of Mashup.

A recurring theme in much of my performance work explores a fundamental suspicion audiences may have of digital music performers (“Is he just answering email for the whole show?”). The Wheel Of Mashup provided “proof” of honesty and a chance for audience interaction. The Wheel Of Mashup is actually two independent wheels, spun by volunteers from the audience. The outer wheel lands on the music of a song; the inner wheel lands on the vocals/lyrics from a different song. The two are mashed together on the spot, demonstrating that the music isn’t merely a pre-programmed mix but a live, interactive, and improvised performance.

Also see the VidiMasher 3000, a performance device created specifically for these shows.

Wheel Of Mashup video:


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