Fruit Looper

The Fruit Looper is a dinner table that turns food into music.  The table is tall, round, and set with plates and silverware for three or four people.  In the middle of the table is a “lazy susan” turntable rotating continuously under an overhead lamp.  A variety of fruits and vegetables are on the plates.  When a fruit or vegetable is placed on the turntable a sound is heard, repeating once for each full rotation of the turntable.  Each additional food placed on the turntable adds a new sound to the loop.

The dinner table is traditionally a social space where people share conversation and food.  As with dinner, the Fruit Looper invites people to select raw ingredients to combine, producing new combinations for everyone at the table to enjoy using a domestic setting of the cocktail table and remixing it with interactive technology.

The Fruit Looper started out as the Object Turntable.


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